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End of Time
End Times Book Download
Pope Francis: Last Pope
Mahdi in Bible Prophecies




The Downloading Page of the End Times Book

The End Times :  Based on numerical analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events

Our End Times book consists of 6 Parts (Volumes), available as 6 downloadable regular .pdf files.


To open and read the files of our book, you need to have Adobe Acrobat / Reader or any software that opens .pdf files. Adobe Reader is a free software and can be downloaded at:  http://get.adobe.com/reader/



Click on the link of the Part of the Book you wish to read. You will be transferred to DropBox.com where you can either read or download each Part of the Book :


1.  End Times Book  part 1    220 pages    (Edition of June 23, 2024)   





2.  End Times Book  part 2    68 pages     (Edition of June 23, 2024)





3.  End Times Book  part 3    89 pages    (Edition of June 23, 2024)





4.  End Times Book  part 4   115  pages    (Edition of June 23, 2024)





5.  End Times Book  part 5   331 pages    (Edition of June 23, 2024)





6.  End Times Book  part 6   2452 pages    (Edition of June 23, 2024)





                                   Total :  3275 pages


Come back to download the latest edition of the book !



You can also download the software we are using to calculate the numerical value of Arabic words, which is called QuranCode. This software was developed by Ali Adams, an Iraqi mathematician and computer expert.  His web site: www.QuranCode.com


We use version v1.10 of this software which is better, for our purposes, than the more recent versions of this software because this old version produces more accurate numerical value of words using "Abjad Gematria " than the more recent versions of the software. 



1. Click here to download QuranCode software (version v1.10) .

2. Click on and move a folder called QuranCode2012 v 1.10 (which contains the software) from inside QuranCode.zip to the Desktop of your computer.

3. Open QuranCode2012 v 1.10. Inside this folder, you will find QuranCode.exe. By clicking on QuranCode.exe , the software will start to open.

4. Once the software is open:

     -  At the bottom of the screen, click on the Lock icon to unlock it.

     -  On the right side of the screen, choose the following settings: (a) Simplified29, (b) Abjad , (c) Gematria .

5. Now, when you highlight any word or verse of the Quran, you will see the numerical value of it. Part 6 of our Book organizes in numerical order the numerical value of many words and verses of the Quran.






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