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      Overview of the

      Content of our End Times book


        Numerical Analysis Methods used in it



The purpose of this page to provide an overview of our book about the End of Time and the numerical analysis methods we used to present possibilities and make End of Time predictions about various events such as the coming of the Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ (p). 

Our book is not a collection of End of Time prophecies. You can read, free of charge, one of the largest collections of Islamic End of Time prophecies, on our associated site:  www.discoveringislam.org/end_of_time.htm .  Our book presents our own numerical analysis, which you will not find in any other book, and that is why we feel it is worth paying for.

Our book is the first and only serious full scale study of the End of Time, based on numerical analysis of Islamic sources (Quran and Hadith), Arabic words, and historical events. It is the result of our extensive, full time research, that started around October 2010 and is still continuing. Islam is our religion, but the book is an intellectual endeavor to discover and reveal the truth about the End of Time and its secrets, not simply from an Islamic perspective to validate Islam. This book should be read by every human being on Earth. The book is very useful to Jews and Christians whose perception of the End Times and End of the World is limited to the Torah/ Talmud/ Zohar or to Biblical (Bible)/ Messianic prophecies and apparitions (visions).

The title of our book is:  The End Times: Based on Numerical Analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events     





To visit the page where you can download our book, click on the following link :  The End Times: Based on Numerical Analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events    


Based on our numerical analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events, the first phase of the End Times is  likely start in 2019, in-sha-Allah (if Allah is willing).


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Overview of the Content of this Book

This book consists of 6 Parts (Volumes). Some of the topics discussed in the Book :

Who are the Children of Israel today ?

Emergence of the Dajjal (or Dajjals) 

Emergence of the Mahdi

The future of specific countries

World War 3 ( III ) in which nuclear weapons will be used

Destruction of the Aqsa Mosque

The original Torah, the Ark of Covenant, and the original Gospel

End of the Catholic Church & Catholicism

Realization of Prophet Joseph's vision in verse 4 of Sura 12

Emergence of the Tariq Star which will trigger switching of the Poles of the Earth and major changes in the environment.

Liberation of Palestine

What is Constantinople mentioned in Hadith ?

Who are Yajuj (Gog) and Majuj (Magog) ?

Prophet Jesus' descent from Heaven


Overview of the analytical methods used in the Book

The Quran is authored by Allah (s.w.t) in a unique, unusual, miraculous, cryptic style. That is why some people find it confusing.

Our numerical analysis research about the End of Time has led us to believe that the Quran is intended by God to contain hidden, encrypted, numerical messages that can only be deciphered through proper numerical analysis of the Quran.

Our numerical analysis attempts to decode the numerically coded information about End of Time in the Quran, uncovering the hidden marvels of the Quran. It provides an additional or complementary (not as alternative) meaning to the apparent (or outer) meaning of the words of the Quran.

We have discovered very significant End of Time information, hidden in many verses whose apparent meaning seems to be unrelated to the End of Time.

The Quran is not just a book that sets the principles of Islam, commandments of God, prophecies, and stories of prophets, but rather it is a Book of Knowledge or a Book of Life that tells us explicitly or hints implicitly regarding various aspects of life. Because some aspects of life are very sensitive and must not be revealed until the right time, God may have chosen to hint to them through hidden numerical messages.

Muslims know that the Quran is a great miracle in by itself, but they do not know all of the miraculous aspects of the Quran because they only recognize the apparent (or outer) meaning of the Quran and are not aware of or too scared to explore the prospect of the hidden, inner meaning of the Quran.

Nothing in the Quran is by coincidence, but rather there is a good reason for it intended by God and this reason is often reflected numerically. For example, there is a reason for each of the following:


(a)    The number of words and verses of each Sura.


(b)   The number of words or letters in the Quran from a specific key word to another.


(c)    The number of verses in the Quran from a specific significant verse to another.

However, the numerical analysis method that we have used most extensively in this book is the calculation of the Numerical Value of the verses of the Quran, Hadith, and general Arabic words.

Each Arabic letter has a numerical value. Consequently, each word has a numerical value that can be calculated by adding up the numerical value of each letter in the word. Similarly, a group of words also has a numerical value that can be calculated by adding up the numerical value of each word in the group. The numerical value of letters or words is referred to by the Jews as Gematria and by the Arabs as الجمل ( the Jummal). The table below shows the numerical values according to the classical system of numerical values :







    ا       ء  















و    ؤ












ي    ى  ئ



























































The numerical (Gematria /Jummal)  value of Arabic words gives us very valuable information and can be helpful in identifying: 


-          Relationships between words.


-          Dates of Future Events.

Words that have the same numerical value can be substituted for each other.

Words (or groups of words) that have the consecutive numerical values may reflect sequence of events associated with these words or groups of words. This is extremely valuable for determining the sequence of events of the End Times.

Please note that calculation of numerical values of words is based on how the word appears in written form, meaning the way the word is spelled. Some Arabic words could be written in two different ways. That means they can be assigned two different numerical values. Both of these values could be correct. This is why in our calculations presented in this book, we sometimes provide an alternative "total" by saying " (or ... ) ".


Examples of these variations in presenting words in written form in Arabic include:


(a)    In the Othmani script (the script used in the oldest available Quran), the letter Aleph (ا ), pronounced as "A" in English, which is the first letter in Arabic alphabet,  can be omitted in some words, when it falls in the middle of the word. Fortunately, the numerical value of this Aleph (ا ) letter is 1 , too small, so it does not affect the numerical value of the word too significantly. The following is a good example:


            جنات  Paradises: 3 + 50 + 1 + 400 = 454   (This is how this word is written in modern Arabic)


            جنت  Paradises: 3 + 50 + 400 = 453   (This is how this word is written in Othmani script in the Quran)



(b)   Words that end with the letter Aleph Maqsura (ى ) whose numerical value is 10 may also be written using regular Aleph (ا ) whose numerical value is 1. So, the difference in the numerical value is: 10 – 1 =  9 .


 A good example is the word “the Aqsa”  which refers to the Aqsa Mosque:


               الأقصى  The Aqsa: 1 + 30 + 1 + 100 + 90 + 10 = 232 (This is how Al-Aqsa is most frequently written in modern Arabic)

               الأقصا   The Aqsa: 1 + 30 + 1 + 100 + 90 + 1 = 223  (This is how Al-Aqsa is written in Othmani Script in the Quran)

           The difference in the numerical value is: 232 – 223 = 9


(c)    Certain letters could be used as a substitute for other letters that sound similar. We encounter this issue particularly in words/names, whose origin is not Arabic.


For example, the English/Latin letter T in foreign words could be written in Arabic using the letter  ت (Ta) whose numerical value is 400 or the letter  ط  (Ta) whose numerical value is 9. So, the difference is: 400 - 9 = 391. Some examples of this include:


            واشنتن  Washington: 6 + 1 + 300 + 50 + 400 + 50 = 807


            واشنطن  Washington: 6 + 1 + 300 + 50 + 9 + 50 = 416


The difference in the numerical value of the word “Washington” is: 807  –  416 = 391



(d)    It is possible to write foreign words in Arabic with full vowels or to delete some of the vowels. The word “Washington” can also be written in Arabic with the letter و  which can be pronounced as “O” and corresponds to the vowel “O” in Washington. Let us see how this affects the numerical value:


            واشنتون  Washington: 6 + 1 + 300 + 50 + 400 + 6 + 50 = 813


            واشنطون  Washington: 6 + 1 + 300 + 50 + 9 + 6 + 50 = 422


In this book, most often, we do not show you the numerical value of each letter of a word, but rather we show the total numerical value of the word.

In some cases, especially in verses of the Quran, we sometimes only show the total numerical value of a segment of the verse, not the numerical value of each word in that segment because we use a software that automatically calculates the numerical value of any segment of the Quran.

This book shows how amazing is the system of numerical values of Arabic words. We have primarily used the classical system of calculating the numerical value of words. There are other systems that have been developed. However, it is important not to compare the numerical value of a word based on the classical system with the numerical value of another word based on a different system.

One of the unexpected conclusions we have arrived at is that the classical system of numerical value of Arabic words is so amazing and useful in predicting future events that it had to be divinely inspired directly or indirectly. It is hard to believe that this system was developed by ordinarily humans, without any divine inspiration.

In this book, we present the results of numerical values of significant  Arabic words (or groups of words), some of which do not appear in the Quran. However, we use the Quran and Hadith to verify and solidify the evidence and add confidence to the conclusions and predictions.


What we have discovered is that the last 3 digits of numbers that consist of 4 digits are the most significant. For example, 918 is equivalent to 1918 and you can also say 918 is equivalent to 2918, 3918, 4918, etc.

In addition to knowing the numerical value of a word (or group of words),  it is extremely useful and valuable to figure out the order of this numerical value relative to composite numbers if the numerical value is a composite number (or relative to prime numbers if the numerical value is a prime number). For example, in the equation above, we mention that 918 is the 761st Composite Number . This establishes a link and a relationship between 918 and 761, and consequently between the concepts and events associated with them. Number 761 is equivalent to the numerical value of: 

                    يوم  أكملت  لكم  دينكم     day  Akmalt (I have completed) your Deen (Religion or Judgment) for you (verse 3 of Sura 5): 56 + 491 + 90 + 124 = 761  

                      إنتهاء  إسراءيل   Intiya (End) of Israel : 458 + 303 (or 302) = 761 (or 760)  (761 is the 135th Prime Number)   (918 is the 761st Composite Number)  (7801 is the 761st Prime Number)





In addition to knowing the numerical value of a word (or group of words),  it is extremely useful and valuable to figure out the order of this numerical value relative to composite numbers if the numerical value is a composite number (or relative to prime numbers if the numerical value is a prime number).

In this book, we show that not only the Quran is numerically coded, but also most of the Hadith prophecies of Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) about the End of Time seem to contain hidden numerical messages.      


 Numerical Analysis of the Zionist-orchestrated terrorist attacks on New York on September 11, 2001 (Jumada Thani 23, 1422 Hijri)     

         2001 +  11   أيلول   September 11,  2001 :  (77 + 11) + 2001 = 88 + 2001 = 2089    (equivalent to 89)   (2089 is the 316th Prime Number)  

          وعد  هد   Promise of Hadd (Destruction): 80 + 9 = 89

         مركز  التجاره  العالمي  Alamy (International or World) Trade Center: 267 + 640 + 182 = 1089  (equivalent to 89)     (= 3 x 3 x 11 x 11 )   (1089 is the 907th Composite Number (1302 is the 1089th Composite Number)

1302 is the 1089th Composite Number. Number 1302 is equivalent to 302 , the numerical value of:

                     نيويورك   New York: 302

                    الأمريك  The Amreek (Americans): 302

                      أبراج  مراكز  التجاره  العالميه Towers of Alamiya (World/ International) Trade Centers : 207 + (268 + 640 + 187) = 207 + 1095 = 1302  (equivalent to 302)




Sept. 11, 2001 was  Jumada Al-Thania (or Al-Akhira) 23, 1422 Hijri. Let us analyze it:

         1422  +  23  جمادى  الثنيه   Jumada Al-Thania + 23 + 1422 : 58 + 596 (or 597) + 23 + 1422 = [654 (or 655) + 23] + 1422 = 677 (676 or 678) + 1422 = 2099 (2098 or 2100) 

         فإذا  جاء  وعد  الآخرت  When Promise of the Akhira (End Times) comes (verse 7 of Sura 17) & (verse 104 of Sura 17): 782 + 5 + 80 + 1232 (or 1233) = 2099 (or 2100)

         يوم  هد  أبراج  التجاره  العالميه   Day of Hadd (Destruction) of Burja (Two Towers) of the Alamiya (World) Trade : 56 + [9 + (207 + 640 + 187)] = 56 + (9 + 1034) = 56 + 1043 = 1099




        الحادي  عشر  سبتمبر + 2001  The Eleventh + September + 2001 = (54 + 570) + 704 + 2001 = 624 + 704  + 2001 = 3329  (3329 is the 469th Prime Number)  

        يوشك  الفرات  أن  يحسر عن   جبل  من  ذهب  The Euphrates is about to recede upon a mountain of gold (This is a Hadith): 2329  (= 17 x 137)  (2329 is the 1984th Composite Number)     (2727 is the 2329th Composite Number

It is worth noting that:

            نهر  الفرات   The Euphrates River: 255 + 712 (or 711) = 967 (or 966)

              الولايات المتحدة  The United States: 479 (or 478) + 488 = 967 (or 966 )  



September 11, 2001 was Jumada Al-Akhira (or Al-Thaniya)  23 (or 22), 1422 Hijri:

      23 جمادى  الآخره  +   Jumada Al-Akhira + 23 : 58 (or 57) + 837 (or 838) + 23  = 918 (917 or 919)     

      وعد  الأخره  Promise of the End Times (verse 7 of Sura 17): 80 + 838 (or 837) = 918  (or 917)   


 Numerical Analysis of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait which started on August 2, 1990

          غزو  صدام  حسين  كويت  Saddam Hussein’s Ghazu (Invasion) of Kuwait: 1013 + (135 + 128) + 436 = 1013 + (263 + 436) = 1013 + 699 = 1712  (equivalent to 712)

         الثاني  + أغسطس + 1990  The Second + Augustus (August – in Egypt) + 1990 : (592 + 1130) + 1990 = 1722 + 1990 = 3712  (equivalent to 712)   (Iraq started its invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990 )



        إجتياح  صدام  حسين  كويت  Saddam Hussein’s Ijtiyah (Invasion) of the Kuwait:  423 + (135 + 128) + 436 = 423 + 263 + 436 =  1122  (equivalent to 112)  

        أغسطس + 2 + 1990  Augustus (August) + 2 + 1990 = 1130 + 2 + 1990 = 3122  (equivalent to 112)  




         يوم إجتياح عراق كويت  Day of Iraq’s Ijtiyah (Invasion) of Kuwait: 56 + [423 + (371 + 436)] = 56 + (423 + 807) = 56 + 1230 = 1286

        الشهر  الثامن الميلادي + 2  The Eighth Month Miladi (based on Birth of Christ) + 2 : (536 + 622 + 126) + 2 = 1284 + 2 = 1284 + 2 = 1286  (Iraq started its invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990)




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